Day 013, Friday, 10 April, 2009

Distance travelled – 0 km
Avg speed – 0 kph
Max speed – 0 kph

This morning we went to Bowraville by car with Claire and Paul. Whilst they went to Stations of the Cross at the local Catholic Church, we took the opportunity to explore the town. The main street has a very characteristic Australian feel about it.

As we entered Bowraville from Nambucca we crossed a low-lying bridge with clear evidence of the recent flooding. There were piles of tree branches that had washed down stream beside the road and temporary railings in place across the bridge. However, a little downstream from the bridge was the road surface that had been clearly floated off the road base by the power of the floods. It will be interesting to see what other damage we see as we move further north into the flood-damaged areas.

On the way back to Nambucca we ‘detoured’ into Scotts Head for a walk along the headlands and the obligatory coffee stop.

Zoom into the map to see our new location.

Flood damaged road - Bowraville

Flood damaged road - Bowraville

LIfeavers at Scotts Head

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