Day 263, Thursday, 17 December, 2009


The rain came in the early hours of this morning along with very strong southerly winds which rocked our cabin for most of the early morning. Although the rain stopped before midday the winds seem to have been increasing in strength for rest of the day. We just hope they keep blowing in the same direction tomorrow when we head to Port Augusta.  The temperature today was 22o  - half of what it was yesterday.

This afternoon we spent our time walking around the Whyalla CBD and the Hummock Hill Lookout before trying to walk back to our cabin along the beach. With the wind being so strong we felt like we were being sandblasted as the sand was whipped up from the dry beach so we found ourselves retreating to the sheltered side streets. The wind, however, brought out the kite surfers who put on a great display for us in front of the local surf club. This looks like something we would like to try but perhaps on a calmer day. (A Christmas or birthday idea for anyone searching for that special experience for his or her parents).


Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


For those of you back in Canberra who cannot remember what rain looks like this photo shows it running out of a down pipe.

Denise on Hummock Hill trying to see if she can get blown backwards. She did!

Old cottages with the Whyalla pellet mill in the background. Iron ore dust seems to have covered most things in the Whyalla CBD turning everything pink.

After seeing the kite surfing Denise returned home inspired to fit a kite to her bike. Using a plastic bag, a rare item in South Australia, she experimented with different options. Unfortunately everything she tried blew her backwards and not forwards as she had hoped ;-)

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