Day 269, Wednesday, 23 December, 2009


Last year when we rode to Adelaide we had our photos taken with Father Christmas in the Magic Cave at David Jones, so continuing the tradition we did the same this morning. The queue was longer this year but after a 3 hour zigzag through the store we were granted an audience with the old gentleman. If we had known it would take this long we would not have stayed but once in the queue we did not want to give up. Father Christmas was very impressed with our efforts to get to see him and assured us he would be telling his colleagues about our journey when they meet for a debriefing next year. We now have a lot more confidence that he will find us on Christmas Eve.

I found it interesting to watch the others in the queue, all of which had young children with them. A mix of older siblings, parents and grandparents, none of which seemed to be enjoying the experience as much as us.

The shop assistants, particularly in the fine furniture section, also seemed a little stressed as people used the stock as a waiting room. I watched one gentleman move from one seat to another seemingly trying them all out as his wife moved along in the queue. He would tell me later that the shop assistants would keep moving him on.  He also commented at how expensive everything was and how he watched in amazement as a group of children bounced around on an $18,000 lounge suite.

As we passed through the bedding section children who had obviously arrived at the Magic Cave in their best ironed clothes and perfectly combed hair were climbing amongst the pillows and doonas. At one point Denise noticed the bedclothes on a seemingly empty bed begin to move before a child crawled out from behind the pillows.



Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


Waiting for Santa #1

Waiting for Santa #2

Waiting for Santa #3

Denise, Mark, Digby and Michael at the Victoria Square Christmas tree

The instructions read - "Pour under running water and relax." Perhaps there was too much pouring before the relaxing!

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