Day 292, Friday, 15 January, 2010

Distance travelled – 45.2 km
Avg speed – 20.3 kph
Max speed – 37.1 kph

Baccus Marsh to Braybrook

Another day on the freeway into Melbourne.

Just outside Bacchus Marsh there is a section called Anthony’s Cutting that we had been told yesterday was a local black spot. The State and Federal governments have announced a $200 million upgrade to remove the tight curves and hopefully make the freeway safer. The speed limit on this section of the freeway has been reduced and as you approach and drive through the cutting there are a number of radar controlled signs that alert drivers if they are approaching corners too fast. What amazed us was that nearly every car and truck travelling through the cutting activated the  “Too Fast, Slow Down” sign. We have noted over the last 9 months that as we approach the larger cities the cars and trucks always seem to be in a rush and the idiot behaviour increases. On our slow mode of transport it seemed a more obvious and immediate fix to the black spot would be to lower the speed limit even more to 80kph and add speed cameras to the “Too Fast, Slow Down” advisory signs. If it did not lower the traffic speed it certainly would subsidise the $200M upgrade. Anyway another scary bit of road is behind us.

We arrived in Braybrook, which is about 9km from the Melbourne CBD just before lunch.

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.




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