Day 295, Monday, 18 January, 2010

Distance travelled – 62.7 km
Avg speed – 17.7 kph
Max speed – 48.3 kph

Devonport to Burnie

Today we traveled beside what must be one of the most picturesque pieces of coastline in Australia. Between Ulverstone and Penguin the Old Bass Highway hugs the coast and for much of the way it is only separated from the sea by the width of a single railway track. The railway is so close to the sea that in some places the waves must break across the tracks and possibly the road during a big storm.

I first traveled on this piece of road 32 years ago at the end of a 5 week bicycle ride around Tasmania. Three of us undertook that journey and like Keri and Alison I have benchmarked many of our holidays against those five weeks in 1978. Even though I have driven along this road twice in the recent past, today on the bike I found myself back in 1978. The beauty of this coastline has not diminished and it was a joy to have Denise experience a memory I have recountered numerous times.To preserve the memory we took no photographs of this piece of Tasmania.


Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.




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