Day 093, Tuesday, 30 June 2009 & Day 094, Wednesday, 1 July 2009


We spent Tuesday and Wednesday waiting in Croydon to catch the Gulflander on Thursday morning. For its size Croydon is a big surprise with a big emphasis on tourism. Many of the remaining buildings from the gold rush days of the late 1880’s have been restored and there is a new Visitor Information ‘complex’ nearing completion. The shady caravan park and its swimming pool is a lovely haven, the pub does excellent meals and the café makes a reasonable coffee. We left with still a lot to see and do, so Croydon will be added to the ‘must go back to’ list. There is meant to still be a lot of gold in the ground with mining companies just waiting for the right price, so Croydon may be a good place to buy real estate.

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


How to claim a site whilst you get your caravan repaired! Croydon Caravan Park.

Denise updating the website. Croydon Caravan Park.

Getting stuck in a laundry tub - the hazard of being a green frog. Croydon Caravan Park.

Our camp site, Croydon Caravan Park.

New Croydon Visitors Information Centre under construction.

New Croydon Visitors Information Centre under construction.

Roll of Honour. Croydon ANZAC Memorial Park.

Perhaps a distant relative? Roll of Honour. Croydon ANZAC Memorial Park.

Good company in Croydon. Allan, Kathy, Greg, Liz, Denise and Mark.

The Gulflander arriving in Croydon.

Denise walking back into Croydon from the railway station along Samwell Street. The moon rising above.

"Gas Light" shadow in Sircom Street, Croydon, looking towards Club Hotel.


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