Day 338, Tuesday, 2 March, 2010 - Day 340, Thursday, 4 March, 2010

Lakes Entrance

For those of you who have been wondering where we have been we have been WORKING!!! And the weather outside is beautiful. Forecast for Friday (when we plan to leave) is for …guess what?...RAIN! Friday 1-5mm, Saturday 10-20mm. When we started our journey 11 months ago Queensland and Northern New South Wales had a lot of rain that worked its way south making progress a little unpleasant. With less than four weeks to go we are hoping the pattern is not repeating itself.

We may write to our local member suggesting a private members bill to exempt small business from complying with customer’s deadlines, particularly when the weather is fine and the small business owners are travelling on bicycles.




Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


Others were working too!
This group was boxing what looked like pilchards on one of the Lakes Entrance wharfs - 100 minutes later they were still at it.

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