Day 363, Saturday, 27 March, 2010

Distance travelled – 69.6 km
Avg speed – 18.8 kph
Max speed – 54.5 kph

Bundanoon to Goulburn

Yesterday afternoon we considered bypassing Bundanoon and heading straight to Goulburn along the Hume Highway. We are glad we didn’t. If we had I would have missed out on a Guinness at the Bundanoon pub last night and this morning we would have missed a very pleasant and quiet ride to Marulan.

As we left Bundanoon it was cool and very misty and we both stopped just outside the town to change the lenses in our glasses for a lighter colour. By the time we reached the Hume and Hungry Jacks at Marulan the sky had cleared to blue and our glasses had changed back to a darker polaroid lens.

As we mentioned the other day the Hume is a very busy road but there is no real alternative between Marulan and Goulburn. On the plus side the road is very smooth and climbing the hills is much easier and faster than we have experienced elsewhere in Australia. After 12 months on the road we can now look at a hill and give a good guess of the climbing speed we will slow to. Between Marulan and Goulburn we were underestimating our climbing speeds for most of the hills and climbing in bigger gears than normal. There was no tail wind to talk of so we can only put the higher speed down to the road surface.  

After we arrived in Goulburn we stopped in Belmore Park for an hour or so before heading to Woolies for this evening’s supplies. We are hoping this will be the last time we will visit a supermarket on a daily basis and we are both looking forward to returning to fortnightly shopping expeditions. We hope the cupboard and fridge are not empty tomorrow night otherwise we will be utilising our last emergency meal of tuna, pasta and sauce.

Sadly tomorrow will be the last day of THIS journey.

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.



The road between Bundanoon and Penrose. The trees looked a little Harry Potterish holding their arms out saluting Denise.


The drier country 5km from Goulburn


Auburn Street, Goulburn



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