Day 220, Wednesday, 4 November, 2009

Distance travelled – 59.4 km
Avg speed – 16.7 kph
Max speed – 37.1 kph

Corrigin to Kulin

Over the last couple of days we have been told about the ‘Tin Horse Highway’ near Kulin (Cool-in). It sounded like the quirky sort of thing that we would like to see so we decided to change our route to enable us to go and have a look. But this means we will miss Hyden and Wave Rock.

For part of today’s journey we found ourselves on a single lane bitumen road which is something we have not seen since near Georgetown in Queensland. Traffic was lighter but still a few grain trucks going backwards and forwards. 

It was much warmer today, but still the winds prevailed, though they weren’t as bad as the previous few days. The flies were extremely annoying, so our lunch stop 15km from Kulin was brief and we finished it off in a café when we reached town.

At the café we were told that there was a nice new backpackers hostel just down the road. Next door to the hostel the shire was also building a new caravan park but this was not finished yet. This made us wonder what the existing caravan park was like so we  rode up for a look  keeping in mind that the backpackers hostel was an alternative. The caravan park turned out to be a very unattractive dust bowl. As we paused outside the ammenties block Denise said, “So we are going to keep riding aren’t we?”

We rode to the Shire office to ask where we could find more about the backpackers hostel. We were told they would not accept bookings from less than three people as the  Shire did not want to take business away from the hotel. We were told that if the hotel was full they would book us into the hostel. As it turned out there was one room left at the hotel so we took the room. The shire advertises backpackers accomodation on the road to Kulin so it seems a very odd way to manage and take bookings for the new hostel. So we are over budget again! However, the room at the hotel is very comfortable.

And -  the water slide was closed!

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.




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