Day 223, Saturday, 7 November, 2009

Distance travelled – 66.5 km
Avg speed – 20.1 kph
Max speed – 43.7 kph

Newdegate to Lake King

When we started our journey I had a picture of spending my 50th birthday in a small town, possibly near the sea, with a choice of restaurants and cafes. There would be no riding and we would spend the day relaxing before going out to dinner.

It was not to be, we were still some distance from the sea and the winds were now blowing from the west, which demanded we take advantage of the change and ride to Lake King.

The terrain today was much as we have grown to know over the last week, rolling hills through the wheat belt. For nearly all its length the Newdegate to Lake King road had a narrow strip of natural vegetation between the road and the fields that supported an abundance of colourful flowering plants.

As we paused for morning tea we noticed a wisp of smoke on the horizon, which in as little as 45 minutes was a very big smoke cloud. We suspected lightening from last night’s thunderstorms had started a fire in the nearby Lake King Nature Reserve.

With the wind behind us we arrived in Lake King just after 1.30pm. After considering the pros and cons of staying at the tavern or the caravan park we ended up at the caravan park with its laundry and the best camp kitchen we have come across to date. Dinner was at the tavern with its extremely loud jukebox. Not the original picture I had before we left Canberra.




Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


'Nessie' stuck in dry late bed near Newdegate


"Bloody flies"

Denise used to think a straight road on a map meant it was flat riding. She has since changed her mind!

A little lost egg. Did this bird get caught short?


Flame Grevillea

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