Day 227, Wednesday, 11 November, 2009 - Remembrance Day

Distance travelled – 112.9 km
Avg speed – 19.0 kph
Max speed – 47.2 kph

Munglinup to Esperance

Although the countryside was similar to what we rode through yesterday, today we felt closer to civilisation with a lot more buildings and houses obvious from the road. This was still grain growing country but we now also began to see some sheep and cattle.

With the rain last night we thought that the harvest would be put on hold at least a couple of days until everything dried out. As a result we expected the road to be quieter with less grain trucks than yesterday. We were wrong. Although we did not see any harvesting we seemed to be passed by more grain trucks than ever. Most were the two trailer road trains but there was the occasional longer two and half trailer variety. On more than one occasion we would be in a corner and suddenly hear a road train behind us requiring a quick exit onto the shoulder. At one point I estimated we were being passed by one road train every 10 minutes. So much to the rain putting a hold on the harvest and by 2.00pm the sun had dried everything out allowing the headers to start running again.

The terrain was a little hillier than yesterday with four deep river crossings to drop down into and then ride out of. But the long steep climbs away from these rivers were compensated by the overall downhill run from Munglinup to Esperance. The last 10km or so into Esperance was reasonably flat. The wind was also blowing across the road rather than in our faces so progress was reasonably fast.






Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


Ready to leave Munglinup

We are constantly amazed where we find people washing their caravans. We have seen vans washed at the end of dirt roads where they will only get dirty again going back out. This couple filled their water tank by bucket and then connected up the hose to wash both the car and van. This is the first time we have seen a hose used at a remote stop. We are sure there are betting things to be doing out in the bush than washing the van!

We had morning tea underneath this bird's home. It was underneath a tin picnic shelter and it was so hot the bird was panting. How it stopped its eggs from cooking we do not know.

Dry lake and dead trees near Esperance

Approaching storm

Gone shopping!

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