Day 241, Wednesday, 25 November, 2009


Distance travelled –  66.8 km
Avg speed –  17.2 kph
Max speed –  28.6 kph

Caiguna to Cocklebiddy

Another warm day but luckily only a short run to Cocklebiddy where we arrived for lunch. We had a lot of cars taking photos and video of us today and the road trains were a lot more ‘vocal’ than the last couple of days with many sounding their horns as they passed. The road trains have passed rather quietly over the last few days and today we wondered if the drivers who acknowledged us with a toot on Sunday were now passing us again on their return trips east.

There were a couple of informal art installations along the highway today that made things a little more interesting, see the photos. We wondered who made the time to stop and make these sculptures. As well as those shown in our photos we also saw a couple of trees with shoes and thongs attached. Were these installations planned or purely spur of the moment decisions by drivers to brighten up the countryside? It reminded us of our ride down the Tin Horse Highway a couple of weeks back.

The highlight today was picking up our ‘cycling refugee pack’ from the roadhouse. We had prepared and posted this  whilst we were in Perth to enable us to replenish our supplies for the next week. As you will see in the photos they contain all the essentials to maintain two fit cyclists.

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


'Roadside art #1' - perhaps the Nullarbor's interpretation of 'George and Mildred'. (Being Movember it is fitting that the male has a moustache).

'Roadside art #2' - Dogs in Tree

'Roadside art #2' - Dogs in Tree

'Roadside art #2' - Dogs in Tree. We noted they looked a little sad and then realised the cable tie around the neck was most likely the cause.

Denise unpacking our ‘cycling refugee pack’

Our ‘cycling refugee pack’. Denise keeps control of the treats as I am told I cannot be trusted.

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