Day 008, Sunday, 5 April, 2009

Distance travelled – 52.67 km
Avg speed – 17.21 kph
Max speed – 35.75 kph

Stockton Beach to Shoal Bay

It rained heavily during the night so we had a late start and took the opportunity to dry the tent out before heading of at about 11.00am.

Our close friend from our Murray River ride last year – the head wind – joined us today and stayed all the way to Nelson Bay. Overall a reasonably flat ride with not much to report. We stopped for lunch at Salt Ash and added some more sugar sachets to my growing collection. Our nagging GPS kept us amused for al little bit but it also took us along a few very pleasant country roads.

We have decided to name the GPS and we are looking for suggestions. It needs to start with “Nagging” and the second name start with G for Garmin or E for Edge. Any suggestions.

Arrived at Shoal Bay just after 3.30pm.

Today is our first day without rain during day light hours.

Zoom into the map to see our new location.


Shoal Bay

Denise buying dinner

Shoal Bay at sunset

Shoal Bay at sunset

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