Day 245, Sunday, 29 November, 2009

Distance travelled – 90.4 km
Avg speed – 19.1 kph
Max speed – 26.2 kph

Bush Camp to Nullarbor Roadhouse

Happy Birthday Denise. Thanks to all those who sent birthday greetings.

It rained during the night but by the time we got up it had mostly cleared away.

The area where we camped was a mix of small patches of open space and low scrub. As we explored around the camp we began to realise how easy it would be to get lost out here as the flat country provides no reference points and the bush looks all the same. In the cloudy conditions it was only the passing traffic that reminded us which way the highway was. This is the first time we have had this feeling in the bush. If we had to walk some distance through this country we would not be going anywhere without a compass.

At the final lookout on the highway before we turned inland to the Nullarbor Roadhouse we were pleased to finally get a good view and some photos of the Bunda Cliffs. As we mentioned yesterday some of the lookouts have been closed due to the undermining of the cliffs by the ocean. As we looked along the cliff line at the overhangs and collapsed sections of rock we were not left with a security to linger very long. Some of the collapsed sections were massive. We wondered how much smaller Australia is getting each year by the constant battering it receives from the Southern Ocean.

Our progress today was slower than yesterday and after nine days of constant riding we have decided we deserve a rest day so we will spend two nights at Nullarbor Roadhouse. This may mean we will have stronger SE and SW head winds to contend with on Tuesday but we will deal with them then.

Zoom into the map and use the 'Satellite' layer to see our new location.


The Bunda Cliffs and Great Australian Bight Marine Park at the 133K Peg Scenic Lookout

Many motorists on the Nullarbor carry extra fuel in jerry cans to save paying high fuel prices at the roadhouses. This fellow had gone the extra step and installed his own fuel bowser. Diesel Price $0.00 per litre!

View at lunch

After turning inland the low scrub was replaced by grassland and the road seemed to always be going uphill. Our altimeter told us it was really flat.

5 km from the Nullarbor Roadhouse. The roadhouse can be seen on the centre horizon.

Looking back at one of the standard Nullarbor tourist photo opportunities. A warning sign for camels, wombats and kangaroos. All we had seen were lizards, dingoes and rabbits!


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